Magic Heights

People have different paths to happiness. Suzy loves to express herself through adventure and inspire others to see challenge as a way to discover their potential.

On big mountains you experience emotions and states of mind that are less accessible in the hyperactive blur of Western life. There is little interference up there: no mobiles, electricity, traffic. Often all you can hear is your own breathing, and see is white snow, so the absence of millions of stimuli frees you from the usual mental chatter. Big mountains free your mind. The lack of creature comforts exposes you to rarely felt physical sensations and this, along with the free mind, leads you to fully experience life with your senses. This peak experience takes you beyond proving yourself or increasing self-esteem and clarifies meaning and purpose. Basically, you feel physically great, spiritually meditative, mentally uncluttered and free.

Ski mountaineering is an amazing combination of meditative ascents and adrenaline filled descents. If you watch a toddler or child playing, they are drawn to clambering up and getting on top of everything. In the playground they climb a ladder to whiz down a slide. Mountains are a giant playground to climb up and whiz down on skis.

Experiencing the magic of high mountains brings freedom, clarity and a child like joy to your life.


Suzy gives 5-10% of her talk fee to charities important to her. These tend to me be small charities working with under priveledged people in mountainous areas, such as the Mount Everest foundation and Nepali Women's charities.

As a ski moutaineer, the effects of a changing climate are extremely obvious. Suzy has been actively involved with environmental groups for twenty years, as a volunteer for Friends of the Earth. She minimises her carbon footprint by doing little things like reusing envelopes and minimising car use, to big things like taking fewer flights and carbon offsetting those she does take.


Great books: 'The Power of Now' Eckhart Tolle, 'Mountains of the Mind' Robert Macfarlane, 'The Architecture of Happiness' Alain de Botton