Lipstick Blondes

Dynamic, inspirational, fun

The lipstickblondes were born partying one night in Brighton. Suzy and her friend's dream was to combine their passion for adventure with love of laughter, and show that you don't need an icicle encrusted beard to do adventurous stuff. The lippies love to have people follow their adventures and be inspired to create their own.

Their first event together was the 'Saab Salomon X-Adventure' in 2004 – they were the first and only all-female team in this two day endurance event. Most adventure racing teams were formed of three men and a 'token woman', with names like 'fell killer' and 'adrenaline junkie', so they chose the least hardcore, most ironic team name possible. They endeared themselves to the other teams and officials by planting lipstick kisses on everyone they ran, biked, canoed and climbed past and were delighted to be awarded a special prize for having 'captured the original spirit of adventure racing'.

Later that year, the lipstickblondes climbed Aconcagua, at 7000m, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas. On the descent, as they staggered and shambled down the scree, a big idea was formed: to ski and board some of the World's highest mountains, ultimately getting themselves to the top of an 8000m peak. Over the next few years amidst adventure races, ultra marathons and babies, other mountains such as Elbrus, Denali, and Mustagata were skied. Then in September this year the time came to realise their 8000m dream. Read the hilarious and harrowing accounts of Mustagata and Cho Oyu on the lipstickblondes website.

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