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wild swim mum - Oct 4, 2011

First adventure 9 weeks post birth

adventuremum - Oct 4, 2011

A new member of the Madge household to get up to no good

A Short Ski in the Hindu Kush - Jul 27, 2010

Two women on a horse ski mountaineering odyssey in Afghanistan. Sounds bonkers? Read on


Afghanistan:terrorism or tourism - Jan 26, 2010

Afghanistan: terrorism or tourism?

There’s more to Afghanistan than Helmland Province and the Taliban, and I’m hatching a plan to go ski mountaineering there in May and June 2010.

Inner Game of Golf - Jul 29, 2009

Learning to play golf with the 'Inner Game' philosophy

Avalanche - Mar 7, 2009

Chamonix avalanche


Suzy Madge is a record breaking ski mountaineer and adventurer. Her career is distinguished by astonishing achievements in a number of sports and expeditions, many of which she conceived, project managed and organised logistically herself. With her curiosity to see what she could do and desire to bring playfulness to all aspects of life, Suzy now offers her unique experience and insight as a speaker and life coach both in the UK and abroad.

We all share a love of something. Ascent. As a toddler on a climbing frame, an alpinist on a mountain, or a businessperson on the career ladder, we love getting to and being on top. The route up is different for every playground, peak and company. During her presentations, Suzy highlights the similarities between surviving in wilderness and mountains and thriving in life and business. The combination of adventurer and psychologist gives Suzy a unique pespective on motivation, fear, success, team dynamics, groundbreaking ideas, responsible risk taking and happiness.

"After deciding that I wanted to ski the biggest mountains in the World and creating the 'lipstickblondes' all female adventure team, I realised that everyone is capable of doing way more than they believe. Discovering and following your passion is as important in business as it is in life. Creating the strategies for success in all spheres of life is about foresight, focus and flexibility, whether things go horribly wrong or wonderfully right." Suzy Madge

"World class mountaineers such as Doug Scott, Kenton Cool and Suzy Madge don't get the recognition they deserve." Matt Swain, Trail magazine